DJ Maramza: “5 Tiger” [Fernando Remix]


Kwaai-Fi is back with a brand new remix from Fernando, the up-and-coming Cape Town-based producer that’s making waves with his hip hop-centric beats. He remixed DJ Maramza’s “5 Tiger”, a house, kwaito and future beat infused track from the EP Low Magic released last year.


Heavily influenced by hip hop and producers Madlib and J Dilla, Fernando’s love for the genre is reflected in everything he creates. The remix not only articulates his love for hip hop, but why he’s a producer that deserves all your attention.

Fernando effortlessly melts together hip hop, future beat and bass elements with the remix. It’s raw and unassuming, and can be described as a hybrid between lo-fi, kwaito and house. Several layers of the original are peeled back. Despite this, the groove remains unshakeable, and it’s immensely compelling. The remix gives us a peek into Fernando’s seemingly limitless ingenuity. It’s a brave feat remixing a DJ Maramza original, but this remix confidently stands its ground.

Listen to the remix below:




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