KAEB: “Feel” [New release]


Johannesburg-based producer KaeB releases a new track every Friday on his SoundCloud page. He calls this initiative #CozyFridays, and it’s had a significant impact on the amount of plays he’s received and his recognition as a producer.

Last Friday he released “Feel”, the monumental track where he re-worked the 2005 hit “How do you feel” from the late r&b singer and SAMA award-winner TK. The original is an undisputed local classic, that has the same impact and energy as it did when it was released. Taking a track like this and attempting to make it your own is not an easy task, however KaeB rises to the occasion does just that.


This version takes the listener back in time, and creates a massive sense of nostalgia. At the same time it’s also an effective representation of what’s happening in music now. KaeB slowed its pace down and added a chunky 808 bassline to it. A classic trap drumline was also included, giving it an edgy feel and emphasising its slowed pace. A dramatic and moving atmosphere is brought across by the trumpet synths, which also help tie all the elements together. These elements follow the lead of TK’s vocals and are pristinely layered over the vocals too.

The genius lies within the simplicity of the track, and that KaeB chose to focus on key elements like the melody and vocals. Being a fan of the original and associating it with great memories, I’m happy to say this re-work does it justice and has me gleaning with pride and nostalgia.

Listen to “F E E L” below:

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