KaeB: Interview


Johannesburg-based producer KaeB is one of the most exciting and interesting producers right now. KaeB’s re-works are incredible, each with its own personality and authenticity.

He began a movement called #CozyFridays where he releases a new track every Friday. We spoke to him about #CozyFridays, his career so far and what else we can expect from him this year. He also graced us with an exclusive mix of all original tracks.


When did you begin producing?

I started producing in 2010, most of the time I was finding my way using Fruity. Trial and error is how I taught myself to make music. 7 years later I am here getting better and better.

Your re-works are something else. How do you approach re-working a track and putting your own touch on it?

The ideas are honestly just spontaneous. I always focus on songs that I grew up listening to. The throwback feeling you get from listening to tracks. The goal with the re-works was me wanting to add my own modern touch to music that inspired me – all the beats have to have a particular bounce, which we call Mzansi Mnandi. You can only get it in South Africa.

How did the idea of #CozyFridays come about?

It was really just an idea that came about to strengthen my confidence, get people to listen and build a fan base. I always had a problem with my confidence when it came to my music. I was tired of waiting for people to put me on, so I decided to embark on this journey.

Listen to “FLWR” by KaeB below:


How have you found the #CozyFridays experience so far?

My fan base has grown and more opportunities to collaborate with other artists have opened up for me. The campaign has made it easier for me to create. I do not need to sit on a particular idea for too long now and have built up the ability to focus on creating whatever comes to mind as soon as the idea springs up.

Who are your biggest musical influences locally and internationally?

My foundation is definitely local and proudly South African. My influences are Lundi Tymara, Selaelo Selota, Jimmy Dludlu, Zim Ngqawana, Bhudaza, SanKomota, Joe Nina, Thandiswa Mazwai, Ringo, Lebo Mathosa, Freshly Ground, Mdu Masilela, Mandla Spikiri. I am probably the biggest Madlib fan and J Dilla was super influential in my journey in music. Also jazz artists like Miles Davis, Hugh Masikela and Thelonius Monk.

What’s the biggest positive to come from #CozyFridays?

My brand awareness is becoming stronger and more people from my country are showing love. For a long time, most of the love I received was from international folks and now that’s slowly changing with more people from home getting to know my work.

Listen to “Feel” Kaeb’s re-work of the 2005 hit “How do you feel” by TK:


Name a local producer we should be listening to right now?

B1, Buli, Tsukudu, Rendition, Sage Hitomi, Tweezy, Dellz and Rasco.

What prompted you to create the Rework EP?

My love for kwaito music, particularly because I feel like that era went by too fast.


Which local artists would you love to collaborate with?

Hugh Masikela and Espacito. I am currently head-hunting a lot of local producers to work with.

What else can we expect from you this year?

My group called XMPL which I am in with Joburg-based rapper Bringo. I have a lot of collaborations in the pipeline with some really dope artists and I am also gonna start DJing.

Listen to the exclusive mix below:

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